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About Hampton Crane

Established in 1929, Hampton Crane is the Southeast’s leader in rigging and heavy lifting. We specialize in large lifts that the others guys simply can’t do. We own all our equipment, and have experience in some of the toughest environments,including sterile space and aviation. Read more about us on our About page.

Our Services



We’re some of the best riggers in the business, and we’ve got the experience to prove it.

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From priceless marble statues to 75 ton equipment, we’ve got the trucks and trailers to move just about anything.

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Millwright Services

Today, manufacturers use highly sophisticated, automated machinery to perform many different functions. At HCS, our millwright services run the spectrum in manufacturing.

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Heavy Lifting

HCS has decades of experience in lifting. 99% of all our projects involve lifting in some variety. Whether a lift involves 2 or 1200 tons, experienced employees make our lifts possible.

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Case Studies with Hampton Crane

We pride ourselves in our ability to execute a wide array of lifts ranging from the small and delicate to the massive and unwieldy. We're also one of the few rigging companies with experience in a sterile aerospace setting. Click on a case study below to learn more.

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At Hampton Crane, we move the hard to move. Your business depends on having the equipment you need where and when you need it, without question. If you are looking for a full service end to end solution contact us today.