Case Studies

Vanderbilt Statue Case

When Vanderbilt University needed to move one of their most cherished icons while construction was taking place, they reached out to us. While it was one of our smaller lifts, it was one of the most meaningful for both our company and the University.
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Sterile Aviation Lift

Aviation equipment often requires very specific tolerances during transportation, periodically they also require a sterilized environment for highly sensitive components.  While we can’t divulge the client, we’ve helped a very well known aircraft manufacturer with their lifting and logistics needs of extremely sensitive and valuable components, all within a sterile environment.
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Very Large Lift

When it comes time to move what seems too big to be moved, that’s when we’re there.  75 tons? Easy. 2500 Tons? Let’s get started…
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Sweet Spot Lift

What we do all day, every day.  Making sure that your operational plant and equipment is where it needs to be when it needs to be there, so you can get on with doing business.
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