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Discover the finest crane service in Kentucky, USA - Hampton Crane  provides best quality of service in heavy rigging, millwright services, and crane rentals. Call us now.

Right here in Kentucky, USA, you’ve got a partner in the industrial world; the Hampton Crane Service, Inc. We’re all about helping you out with the heavy lifting and the tricky machine stuff. If you’ve got a big piece of equipment that needs moving, or you need a crane to lift something way up high – we’re here to help you out. Our team is made up of experienced folks who really know their way around this kind of work. We’ve done it all, from big projects to smaller ones, and we’re here to make things easier for you.

One thing we really care about is making sure everything is safe. Safety isn’t just about us – it’s about your stuff too. We treat your things like they’re our own, making sure they’re handled carefully and securely. You could be a factory dealing with massive machinery or a smaller business with specific needs – it doesn’t matter to us. Hampton Crane Service, Inc. is here to make your work smoother and your projects successful. So, if you’re looking for a helping hand that knows its way around cranes, machines, and heavy stuff, you’re in the right place. Let’s work together to get things moving!

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