HCS has a stringent training program when it comes to rigging. We believe rigging is fundamental to our operations. HCS requires a minimum of 2 years for new employees to work “on the ground.” No employee can operate a lift without learning how to rig first.

Our expertise stands up to the most difficult challenges from any project, and our rigging runs the gamut: cable to Kevlar and everything in between the two.


HCS has developed a talent for transporting heavy loads. We haul all of our equipment to the job site. Our equipment weighs up to 35 tons, so we are very familiar with heavier loads. Beyond that, we have the capacity to haul loads weighing up to 75 tons. Our trucks and trailers are well maintained, and our drivers are highly skilled and dedicated to meeting customers’ schedules whether we are transporting customers’ freight or our own.

MillWright: Optics:

Millwright services encompass a wide area in the manufacturing community. Today, manufacturers use highly sophisticated, automated machinery to perform many different functions. For automated machinery to perform tasks in unison, each component of the machine must be set up accurately and precisely.

At HCS, our millwright services run the spectrum in manufacturing:
• Disassembly
• Moving/Relocation
• Assembly
• Repair
• Alignment

Our alignment instruments include theodolites and split bubbles.


HCS has over 8 decades of experience in lifting. 99% of our projects involve lifting in some variety. Whether a lift involves 2 or 1200 tons, experienced employees and the right equipment make our lifts possible.

At HCS, we combine old-fashioned ingenuity with modern equipment to provide safe and efficient lifting solutions for any project. Over the past 88 years, HCS has developed its lifting techniques to ensure that every lift counts. From planning to implementation, HCS makes extra effort to ensure safe completion of every lift.

We own an extensive inventory of lifting equipment from high capacity hydraulic lifts to man-powered jacks and hoists. Job requirements are incredibly diverse, so we provide an array of capabilities to meet our customers’ demands.

HCS has extensive range and diversity in our offered services. We work in factories under new construction where we can use diesel and propane powered equipment to unload and assemble truckloads of machinery.

We work on government projects where we use electrical lifts in highly controlled, clean-room environments.

We work for educational institutions where metal evaporators must be removed from a basement laboratory: only chain falls, jacks, and dollies.

We work in older constructed plants where ceilings are low, concrete is thin, and aisle ways are narrow. Ultimately, HCS can make any lift possible.

Welding & Fabricating

HCS has a full line of welding and cutting equipment. Our welders are certified experts in welding all types of metal.